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Monday, January 14, 2019

50 SEO tips that can Take your site to 1st page.

1. Install the best Yoast SEO plugin.

2. Use a CDN.

3. Clean the Website permalink format.

4. Create a Complete sitemap to your website.

5. Add Google Analytics.

6. Add google search console.

7. Use search engine optimized themes.

8. Make shareable content.

9. Fix every security issue.

10. Regularly update your theme, plugins, and WordPress core.

11. Improve load time.

12. Fix broken links.

13. Block spam comments.

14. Disable author archives in single-author blogs.

15. Switch to a responsive design.

16. Customize your robot.txt.

17. Remove redundant plugins

18. Use AMP Plugin.

19. Integrate local SEO.

20. Remove defaults from your WordPress site.

21. Schema markup.

22. Social markup.

23. Be careful with the functions.php file.

24. Set up Breadcrumbs.

25. Optimize your WordPress site for voice.

26. Stay updated.

27. Integrate Google+

28. Turn on search engine visibility.

29. Keep it simple.

30. Always use focus keyword.

31. Optimize your title tags.

32. Increase CTR with meta descriptions.

33. Assign header tags correctly.

34. Use short URLs.

35. “Force-crawl” your WP site.

36. Optimize your images with ALT text.

37. Don't waste your time with meta keywords.

38. Do proper keyword research.

39. Avoid plugins conflict.

40. Use a caching plugin.

41. Use a good web hosting.

42. Add HTTPS.

43. Optimize for AI and Machine learning.

44. Image title text.

45. Interlink your posts and content.

46. External is important too.

47. Set up external links to open in new tabs.

48. Nofollow affiliate links.

49. Out of all this, content is still the king.🤴

50. Apply these steps and Become on the Top.

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