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Thursday, May 24, 2018

On Page SEO is the Main Factor when we starting to optimized a Website. When we create a website then it's important to complete On-Page SEO of the Website. Today Check Top 50 on page SEO Factors.

1. Meta Title

2. Meta Description

3. Most common keywords appears on the page

4. Keyword usage density

5. Presence of Related Keywords

6. Presence of LSI keywords

7. Inner page linkings

8. H1, H2 Headings

9. Robots.txt Optimization

10. Sitemap

11. Broken Link Fixing

12. SEO friendly URL

13. Image Alt Text

14. Inline CSS

15. HTML depricated tags

16. Google Analytics

17. Google webmaster

18. Java Script error solving

19. Social media buttons

20. HTML Page Size Optimization

21. HTML Compression

22. GZIP Compression

23. Site Loading Speed Optimization

24. Page Objects optimization

25. Image Optimization

26. Flash objects optimization

27. JS Minification

28. CSS Minification

29. Nested Tables

30. Frames optimization

31. Doctype declaration

32. URL Redirects

33. URL Canonicalization

34. SSL certificate

35. Safe Browsing Test

36. Server Signature Test

37. Directory Browsing Test

38. Mobile Friendly Test

39. Microdata Schema Test

40. Noindex solving

41. Canonical tags

42. Disallowing directive checker

43. SPF records checker

44. Meta Tags

45. Keyword in Title

46. Keyword in URL

47. Keyword in Description

48. Keyword in Heading

49. Title Lenght

50. Title in URL

Above all Top 50 on page SEO Factors important for SEO Experts. Use the Point and Rank High.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How Can You Rank Any Keyword On the First Page of Google? Here's the Answer!
In the SEO game, you have two ways:
1. High Budget - Rank Any Keyword of the World:
When you have unlimited money to invest, you can rank any keyword of the world.
For example, for ranking the keywords, I need:
A) iPhone X: 1 million dollars.
B) iPhone X cases: 100k dollars
C) iPhone X price in Pakistan: 1000 dollars
[NOTE: The above price is for example only.]
It means the longer the keyword is, the lesser competition it has, but lower in search volume too.
You might be thinking why do I need such huge money.
A good question!
Here are the reasons:
I) I need to call for the press conference, the new bloggers will come, and will link my site after hearing my new site. [Did I mention I am Bill Gates?] 
II) I will pay huge money publishers to write for me [those that allow sponsored content like Propakistani]
III) Many articles will be written on the targeted keywords. Epic articles from great writers and graphic designers will make the article look cool like Backlinks's founder does like backlinko.com/google-rankbrain-seo
IV) Will use Facebook Ads and other ads for brand awareness.
V) Will use the money for ads on TV screen.
VI) Allocate 10,000$ schools up to 10,000 students, and contact those universities to place my site link on your page for fast ranking. [I will pay real, not fake with an award ceremony so that I can many backlinks next year too]
Much more you can do.
2. Low to Medium Budget - Rank a Low Competition Keyword
When you have zero to low budget, you rank a low competition keyword, and you don't need any high budget to rank higher.
You can use these tactics to rank:
I) Guest Posting with excellent pitch. You have to make your perfect portfolio that you can show others that you write such great articles.
II) Web 2.0 Backlinks: Web 2.0 will never die until people don't get rich to buy a domain, a hosting and a theme.
Web 2.0 blogs are mostly run by the people who don't have technical knowledge. So they link your site. You can do the same.
III) Traffic Oriented Blog Commenting: It can't die until people comments on a blog for asking help.
For example, a person what is the best software for photo editing, and someone sends him a link to Adobe Photoshop, and the site gets a backlink. It will help because the site will get traffic and also will help in brand awareness, bookmarks too.
[I don't believe spam comments that don't provide any value to the author and the readers who are reading the article]
IV) Wikipedia: It will never die until Nawaz Sharif is alive, people will love to write about his upcoming Hollywood movies, and enthusiast wiki authors need references. 
The ranking game starts when people click references to know more about that. The more traffic, the better ranking. Did you read SEMRUSH Ranking Factors? I believe in that, read here https://www.semrush.com/ranking-factors/
V) Read psychology to impress Sir Waqas Ahmed enough to make you the admin of Bloggers Funda, then to ask people for guest posts, and hundreds will give you for free. 
Why? People trust you more than their girlfriends! Just kidding!
Note: I am serious, you should study Psychology of Persuasion.
Many more!
But remember:
A) Finding the perfect keyword is the 80% of the SEO game. A keyword can convert well or may not be.
Many people fail because they don't know about three types of keywords:
I) Informational Keywords (How to articles for info purpose, best for Adsense)
2) TransactionKeywords (Buying keywords, best for Affiliate Marketing)
3) Navigational Keywords (90% of these keywords are a waste of time. Why? 
Also, they don't know keyword competition analysis well. They believe whatever competition is shown by KWFinder, Ahref, Moz Keyword Explorer or Long Tail Pro is 100% correct.
It's 100% wrong. Yes, it saves a lot of time, but these tools don't use the SUPER BRAIN POWER that you have.
You need to look at many factors, and you must know Rankbrain of my Google Sister!
Two keywords may have the same concept even 100 keywords can have the same concept.
In simple words, a 3000 keyword article can rank for more than dozens of keywords.
For example, learn SEO, how to learn SEO, learn SEO step by step, learn SEO fast, learn SEO basics can rank the same site unlike in 2008 when you need to write articles on each such keyword.
Ask a question in the below comments! Let me know which thing did you like the most!

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