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Sunday, September 24, 2017

A lot of people hate viral content, but most of the time you can't control yourself to read that curious oriental information. Viral content touches our deep curiosity that exists in us, but we are not aware.
It's the reason Facebook has infinite scrolling because you are curious what would be the next post, meme or video.

It seems awkward, but it happens in your conscious or sub-conscious level of your brain, but you know not. The same tactic being used in Blue Whale Game and your sheer curiosity tries to manipulate you.
There is another thing that our brain loves that is the reward system. Have you played Subway Surfer? You're constantly being awarded golden coins by which you can buy other things from that game.

We are so curious and emotional, and great markers take advantage of our this vulnerability of our brain.
I told the advantage of Buzzsumo a year ago that you can find the best content on your keyword, and the same tactic you can use to find the best articles on your keyword.

I use Buzzsumo to discover the killer title that can touch the hearts. You don't need a credit card to use; it's free for 25 searches.

Here you can see :,,,

According to the latest research done by Buzzsumo after analyzing 100 million headlines, it was noted that these words brought the most engagement when they are used in the title: ,,,,
You can read the comprehensive research here http://buzzsumo.com/blog/most-shared-headlinstudy/es-

Now you might be thinking what the difference between value and quality is?

Be precise, Aamir! Okay! Viral content is not of quality. You believe, and I believe. It is not evergreen that can stand the test of the time. But it gives value to the users.
But how, Yar? Because viral content helps people to pass their time well like social media, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, and Snapshot.
It is not of the quality because it doesn't always contribute to getting the knowledge of something new that you usually get from an informational article like "How to Install Windows 10 with Rufus in 20 Minutes." But the quality content is all about evergreen that can stand the test of the time.
Like I explained a few days ago about the keyword "How to Learn SEO," the first result of Moz has only 142 words, but it's ranking for the first position because interlinking gives ranking because it becomes more than 29,000+ word article when the content of the internal linking is combined.
But it's up to you. If you're a regularly visiter of Propakistani, it keeps a balance between viral and evergreen content. Many people comment there; they hate it mainly due to the click bait titles.
But I prefer ever-green articles, but when I see a trending topic, I try my best to be neutral both side to get the best engagement.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Many newbies think that if we have found keywords or niche, I would rank within a few months and I will earn thousands of dollars from Google Adsense.
But it doesn't work in this way. You need to work hard. Most of the people never get success when they make the first new site as the same happened to me.
It is important to fail in order to get success when it comes to blogging. Because Fail Ky Baad Jo Success Ka Maza Hi Kamal Ka Hai
I like to explain in points so that you can understand better.
1. You Focus More On Creating Content. So Spend One Day For:
There are 7 days a week or 168 hours a week. You spend all the 7 days on creating content. You overlook the factor of backlinks. You must keep in mind that making backlink is number one ranking factor for blogs so does the watch time for Youtube videos.
You have the misconception that if my site is new, I should not create backlinks. Seriously?
Everyday a lot of new sites get famous and they get backlinks from major news and other websites then they get ranked within a few days.
It's not said by Google that you should not make backlinks from very the first day provided you create quality backlinks that I shared a few days ago at this link.
Spend one day of your week on just creating backlinks. You can write guest posts on this day too because it is a part of backlink not the part of your content because you publish on other websites.
2. If You're Lazy Pakistani or Indian. So Spend One Day and 6 Days Strange Rest for Ranking:
I know you're busy. We are so-called busy. You think creating content every day is important but it is not true all the time. And you never make a site or write an article.
You can write one article per week and then spend 6 days to rank by making backlinks or promoting it until it ranks.
It is the way of the Backlinko founder, Brian Dean, he writes one article once a month or two, then PORI JAN LAGA DETA TO RANK IT (spend the rest of his money or effort to rank it).
3. You Don't Make Any Schedule or To-Do List. Enjoy Life Too
You like to spend hours to hours on Facebook, and you're running a blog - wasting a lot of time, then you think you're the king of the internet.
If you waste 3 hours a day, then it means you waste 90 hours a month, it becomes whole 4 days. OMG!
Make a schedule when you will make backlinks, and when you will write content when you will enjoy on social media or with your old friend eating a pizza. You can make on Evernote or Google Spreadsheet.
Enjoy your life, spend some time with your family too, and rest of your time on such things.
Hint: You can watch the video of ,,,, on finding websites for back links at Here.
Note: Create quality backlink. Don't think of quantity. A backlink from BBC is hundred times more powerful than a normal domain.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

If you want to understand SEO, you must know the true definition of value.
It should give value to people as Google has advanced thanks to machine learning technology that is making Google better, but complicated to understand too.
If you give a value to people then Google will give you for sure.
This rule applies everywhere from creating backlinks to writing content, from writing a comment and making a web 2.0 blog.
It depends on a lot of other factors, and the major one is the niche the second one is the website.
Some websites have strict rules to comment where you are less likely to comment with your site link in the comment section.
Here again, the major point is not to get a backlink rather bring quality traffic because it will increase your ranking indirectly as I have told many times it is the major ranking factor. I have observed this ranking factor, it's working for me.
If you don't trust me, No Masla. Read here the research at https://www.semrush.com/ranking-factors/
Okay! You have understood your major goal should be to bring the traffic because it will give more impact of ranking for your site.
I know, I know! You're facing a problem to comment on a blog because you see other users are doing without any problem.
You have to accept the reality that with the passage of time, getting a backlink may be difficult to achieve.
As in 2002, you can rank your site with only On-Page SEO. Then in the upcoming years, people used to buy thousands of backlinks pointing to the main site to rank better.
Similarly, the mindset of people change with the passage of time, not all the websites accept guest posts, the same goes for commenting on a blog.
In simple words, it becomes difficult to impress the people with the passage of time. So the question comes how you can impress the modern people? Especially the people who are running big blogs.
You have to build the relationship. The best ways are the following:
1. Appreciate the author. Who doesn't like the Tareef of himself? Every writer wants whatever he has written is being appreciated. It motivates him and makes him happy and delighted.
Note: All big authors are tired of hearing the NICE POST, NICE INFORMATION kinda comments
You have to be unique. How can you be unique?
By reading his complete article, and tell the most amazing part of this article, and explain why you did like the article. Find every time a unique way.
If you're facing problems, you can check the comments of the top people who comment on that blog.
2. Call Him or Meet Him: You have to meet the blogger in your life. Because the friendship of digital world and the real world is utterly different.
When you will meet him just for once and you presume that you have developed a good relationship, you can ask him for a guest post, comment.
Hint: Even you fail, keep trying.
3. Help Him: You can help him by pointing out the grammar mistakes, broken links, and other things. Use your brain, it is one the best things the writer will love you.
WARNING: Girls should not do it otherwise he will fall in love with you. LOL!
Examples of Good Comments with Backlinks:
1. Quora:
Sceenshot: https://goo.gl/Jzu8Rj
Reason: It's long, and so no feelings of spam.
2. Disqus on Ahref
Screenshot: https://goo.gl/cPhPue
Reason: it doesn't make sense to make understand people without giving a backlink to the article.
Hint: You can make an anchor text of any type on Disqus with HTML.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Today SEO Episode On
What's Really A Quality Backlink To Google and People.
Ïn this episode, I'll not talk about in detail about PBNs (Private Blog Network) rather I will show the ways in the eyes of google and People.
It's really important concepts because if you don't get it, perhaps your site may not rank.
1. Quality Backlink To People:
What did I say the PEOPLE? Who are these people? These people are the people who offer you services on Fiverr, in different groups to sell backlinks and offer guest posts.
People get impressed because they have domains of DA of 50 and PA of 48, and you are really impressed. WOW! If I get a backlink from this domain, my keyword will not only rank to the top of Google, rather to the top of my laptop screen
Note: I am not againt them, you will find many amazing blogs too, but don't 100% dependent on DA PA and other metrics that are not associated with Google
What the heck you want to tell?
Relax! I want to say that DA PA is the metric of Moz, not Google. Moz is a separate company and Google is a separate company. Many people say Google has accepted the standard of Moz, really? A big NO!
Why Google needs the engineers of Moz? Google is a 500+ billion dollar company (estimated) and it has more than 200 companies were all companies work under Alphapets even Google. Whereas Moz is only a 50 to 100 million dollars company as compared to Google that is 5000 million dollar company.
Let's come to the net part. Google has indexed about 12 trillion links since 1998 where Moz has only 1 trillion since 2004.
Concepts clear? Don't take DA PA as if it were a universal rule. Even you will see many blogs that have zero DA PA but they are getting handsome visitors.
People increase DA PA by making backlinks on sites that have already some DA PA because some link juice is passed. If you want to give guest posts service, and you are increasing just to attract customers, then it is your choice.
To some people, a quality backlink is the one that has good Alexa ranking whereas it can easily be manipulated with some traffic tools so does Majestic.
Furthermore, Moz Index is updated once a month, you may need to wait for a month in order to see your results.
Quality Backlink To Google:
So, you know impressing your girlfriend is really problematic so does Google.
Don't you believe Google is a girl? See this https://goo.gl/VtrjZd

In this section, I will depict a deeper level.
Understand why Google loves a backlink from BBC? What is the reason behind that?
The major reason is trust as I said a few days ago, trust is the next generation ranking factor.
Google Says Backlink BBC Ny Diya Hai to Theak Hi Hoga! (If the backlink is given by BBC would be of authority).
The more you build trust, the more power it will have.
You might be thinking how to build trust? It depends on a lot of factors! But the major factor is getting quality traffic (the traffic visitors come and stay for a longer time because the amazing content is provided what the users want to read, READ BBC FUTURE, I love such articles)
So how you can get the idea of the domain? You can use Similarweb for an idea how a site is getting traffic. The more it has traffic, it means the more quality it has as it doesn't matter how much it has DA PA.
Note: SimilarWeb can integrate with GA to show the real traffic.
Because Moz Spider is extremely slow as it's updated a month. Traffic matters. The most important thing people click on your backlink that must be the target. Because big sites make such an anchor text that makes appealing to click. Read my Episode 21 and 22 on "Understand the Psychology Behind Making an Anchor Text - The Core of SEO" that I wrote a year ago in at 
I can write a lot to prove this, but I think you have understood what I want to say.

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